6 comments on “Secret Sides of Fruits

  1. These are fabulous and inspirational! I am not a photographer and will now be doing some research on LensBaby.

    • Hi Nikki, that’s true, you need to practice with LensBaby, let say go back to basic and work only in Manual mode. I feel like I am still struggling technically, but I love the challenge. I appreciate the whole idea of achieving the artistic goal in my photographs without photoshopping. I know that I can process the images in Photoshop getting the similar results, but I am not enjoying it anymore. I like to search through the viewfinder for most interesting angles and perspectives. LensBaby maks you think of finding most interesting focal point and dismiss everything else. It’s an adventure to work with LensBaby. I take everywhere with me now, however don’t have time to use it often.I wish I can work with it more:)

      • That sounds like something I would enjoy, as I shoot in M and prefer prime lenses, which makes you have to be more thoughtful about composing your shots IMHO. Thank you for sharing your photos and the experience and thoughts behind them. Happy Shooting!

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