17 comments on “Roma. Roma.

  1. After living here for several months have to say that your perspective is refreshing. Will upload the Roma guide in my blog next month, stay tunned, you may want to come back 🙂

  2. Meeeee tooooo! I have never heard words spoken by someone else that so closely match what’s in my head! (scary!!) The same things also make me “dig” the places I travel to.
    Beautiful, meaningful photos. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Did I get into your head without your permission?:) I practically never came back from any of my traveling adventure unsatisfied just because I made my connection with places through my image researches, I guess:)

  3. Your photos of Rome are breathtaking! I’ve been to the city twice and wasn’t a huge fan, but seeing these make me want to go back. You capture such interesting and surprisingly calm points in a hectic location, beautiful 🙂

    • I agree, Rome is very touristy and overcrowded, and it was quite a challenge, but as soon I was leaving the major attractions I found those cute spots in Rome. Those places tells you more about the real city: people move with a different pace, and prices are lower at the restaurants:)

  4. You are definitely making me want to return to Italy! Great shots! In Venice it was much the same way for me. I have always loved history and hobbits, architecture and ancients. The places I got myself lost in were the most interesting for me, and so often, something at the very end of a journey. Just love your photos. I think I am going to empty the bank account and run away to Europe! Might have to join the French Foreign Legion to get out of hock, though! 😉

    • Thank you for your kind words.Travel to the old world is alway beneficial. I think we are not only connecting with the human history, but have the opportunity to find the connections with in ourselves. I think I am getting richer after each trip.(never mind the bank account- it’s getting empty anyway:)

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