15 comments on “Morocco. Lights

    • I guess if you go to the coast in summer, that would be fine, but real country in its original state is actually more inland: the Atlas Mountains and Sahara. It’s very very hot in summer- 110-140 degree. I went in winter. It was absolutely pleasant temperature to travel there.

      • even in the extreme heat? we’d only have 4 days maximum there as well. and thank you very much for your congrats 🙂 we’ve already booked our photographer unfortunately, jonas peterson who’s local to us in brisbane.

      • Actually I ve been to Brisbane. I travel Australia in 2010: went to great barrier riff , and to Tangoluma island, and stay for some time at the real castle station, repelled off the Blue Mountain, and of cause done Sidney. Australia is fun young country with great energy. Still have a sticker on my fridge “Crikey!,”

      • wow you sound like you had an amazing adventure! i don’t think i’ve done many of those things, and i live here! i love reading about your travels, i hope you did an australia post?

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