22 comments on “My Favorite Peruvian Women

  1. These are beautiful! I’ve also spent some time in the rural areas of Peru and your portraits of these great women take me right back there. Thank you so much for sharing theses!

  2. I love the photos here. Maybe because I adore my grandmother, but my heart strings are always tugged when I see elder women. I find the Peruvian style of dress interesting – they still wear such girlish styles despite their age. It’s quite endearing actually. Keep up the great work! Also, thanks for checking out my blog! 🙂

  3. Great images Natalie. The strength and resilience of the older women really shows here but your pictures of the young woman with the spindle and the girls reading are also wonderful – they invite us to imagine what the next generation of women in Peru will create and be. Will they be upholders of their traditions and arts or will other paths take them? Let’s hope they can continue to bridge both.

  4. I have really enjoyed looking at your various posts. The pictures are just wonderful. Looks like you have done an amazing amount of traveling.

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