12 comments on “A very rainy day in Salzburg, Austria

  1. A beautiful city, love your pictures, travelled there a few days long time ago, before going to Vienna for a few months….think I would like to live in Austria..:)

    • I love them too! This is a city that hasn`t been too horribly modernized so that it can be touristy and bland. It still has character! Like the cute sign with the girl and her braids. That is just what I`d think of when I think of Austria, and that corner of Europe.

    • I aree, for most of the time shooting in the bright sun is much challenging: the strong light is killing the saturated colors and the hard shadows brake the wholeness of the forms. I love to shot in cloudy days, but not in the constant rain:(. My camera needed the major spa treatments after that.

  2. Yes, Salzburg is a beautiful place to visit. One can still feel all this history and even touch instrument that Mozart had used . For ones that love Mozart and his Music it is extraordinary moment to walk in streets that he once walked.

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