8 comments on “Morocco. People.

  1. You are so inspiring..I am going to Morroco soon and the lanterns are something I have always loved . The people of course are most fascinating and you have captured their essence so well.

  2. It may be just my opinion but if people don’t want their privacy invaded – or have religious reasons (as do the Amish) for not wanting their pictures taken – it seems we should respect that. Asking if you can take their photo would be respectful if in doubt. I just feel that people from other countries and cultures are not there to be our photo subjects just because we have cameras. It seems that we need to go more gently out there….

    • You are absolutely right about being respectful to the other cultures, and I’ve been in the situation when I was asked to put my camera down or erase the photos. I did so. I try to ask the permission when I can, but it’s not always possible.Also, I paid for the shots to those who were in needs. As an artist I feel that the whole image of the country is not complete without the images of the people: it’s very tempting to capture the faces, the expressions, the moments. A lot of photographers were compared with vultures, so it is what it is. People who are searching, and looking, and discovering always going to be blamed for something. I believe as long as the photography doesn’t bring any harm to people it has the rights to be. The rest is for the endless discussion:)

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