8 comments on “Art and Photography

  1. I could have wrote the same, life is amazing, to be blessed with an eye for colour, shapes, textiles, ‘moments’ and then to express them with a piece of ‘you’ in it..is FABULOSIS!!!… at the end of the day if you are happy with it is all that matters……..my imagination could give you a million ‘connections’ to what I see… as an ‘intuitive artist’ my mind blows and I have to try and ‘cap it’ sometimes…. I see that you like to capture the absolute ‘Zest’ of life and the highlight it, bring it forward in an explosion of excitement not just to tantalize your own taste buds but to wake up the world to what your eyes sees, because like me you probably get a little sad at those you feel miss out on so much that they miss the million miracles happening around them all the time….. I could go on and on…lol…please check out my Encaustic ArtWork I think you may like some of it..its on my ShellyArts FB page and also my Spiritual website http://www.shellywithangels.co.uk- Im not trying to sell me b.t.w…but you dont know me well enough to know I am ‘real’ ;D just love sharing art and banter 😀
    Shelly x

  2. I just really like them… not too much analysis but the tight framing does get you right amongst the action in each one of these blooms. The title “burst and bloom” is apt. The colours are intense, and I want to hang these somewhere really cool.

  3. The first image is ,my Favored one because of its perspective. The framing or/and composition invites to look beyond , endlessly. Together with its color it opens to imagine.

  4. It is beautiful. I study history of art. I worked some years as an art curator. I love the color, shapes and all the dinamica you can find in a piece of art. I like your Burts and Bloom Flowers! If this is a textil design I will wear it! Congrats! Lena.

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