10 comments on “India. Jaipur. Hotel and a View across the Street.

    • Not ever, if I would be scared of being robbed, I never leave my house for travel, however, theoretically speaking, I can be robbed in my house too:) Well, I never travel dressing flashy, and even my photo equipment is in a very modest bag (great company BTW, ThinkTank). On a serious note, I think there is never 100% guaranty anywhere in the world that it safe, safe, and safe. I try to be as cautious as possible always observing my environment and using coming senses.

      • Ha, I guess, it’s impossible to look like any other tourist than a Western. Even from my back and being dressed in the sari I always was recognized as a foreigner: I am tall and I am Caucasian, I always was called “White Lady”:). As a matter of fact, Indians are very polite and always want to please you. Those whos primary income are tourist will ask you for money for doing some favors for you, the others are simply pleased with a smile, a nod, or some sort of acknowledgment: little kids simply was posing for pictures asking to show them their portraits on my camera. Adults’ behavior was similar: they show the way gladly, helped crossing their absolutely crazy streets with unruly trafic(probably laughing at us later on), some was posing their animals for us( I post those pictures later) without asking for any rewards. Indians with cellphones were asking us to pose with them( I guess for the same reason- we are different for them- tall and white). Indians are very calm people.

      • Yes, i’ve had people who have lived/worked there tell me similar things before and that most Indian people have a wonderful warm sense of humour. I was just commenting on the organised tourist crime aspect rather than the general population. “Tall white lady” is a nice description :0)

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