11 comments on “India. On the Road.

  1. Wow, that’s some kind of traffic! What was in the big puffy balloon looking contraption?

  2. My brother visited a few years ago. He noted how intense it was, how many people there are (quite friendly), and the shantys next to office parks in some cases. Thanks for these excellent photos. I’ve sent him a link.

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  4. Great photos. You have captured traffic in India perfectly. I have been here for two years now and i am still amazed by what i see on the roads.

  5. same in Kenya. But it’s astonishing how much stuff/ how many people they can cram in one tiny space… After surviving a Kenyan busride (more or less unharmed), I never complained about the London tube, or any other, according to western standards, ‘full packed’ public transportation!
    Amazing photos btw! 🙂

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