12 comments on “Old Panama City. Panama

  1. while everyone in the Midwest is looking forward toward spring break so they can enjoy PCB, I say, the real Panama City intrigues me more.

  2. Beautiful in a wabi-sabi sort of way, but what a shame that such beautiful buildings and street scapes are deteriorating so badly. Great, evocative photos.

    • Oh, I didn’t prepare another albums from Panama City about rebuilding and renovating the place: they are on the rise, it’s absolutely obvious at the spot. I , on the other hand, was attracted by the old and deserted houses. The French quarter is so various and colorful, I would say, I prefer they keep some places untouched -I loved that.

  3. A fantastic city portfolio– I even recognise one or two details like the black and white overlapping circles. When did you take these? Siesta time, it looks like!

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