6 comments on “Picture of the Day- March 17, 2014

  1. No simple answer to your question, perhaps you should look at the question differently? Think of the two cameras as two different cars, some days you may want to and have to drive an SUV, other days, you may wish to drive the sports model 🙂 Each will get you there, but the journey is going to be different…

    • Right, the whole point is about the journey: do I want to struggle with electronic viewfinder vs. the optical one? do I want to feel limited with the lens options?(I missed my wide angles, and I know that M. Zuiko is making a new one right now), do I want to go with a new progressive mirror-less using the sideways, or ride my old truck right on the highway?:) Decisions, decisions…

      • Spot on!! Having choices makes things so much more interesting – I look forward to the outputs of your decision 🙂

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