9 comments on “India. On the Road.

  1. Fantastic photo’s… remind me of an amazing adventure I had in India years ago… Some truly spectacular gems of time in a country such as this…. Thanks for sharing!
    Best wishes, Jay

  2. Brought back memories of my trip to India last year. Indian highways are the closest things to carnival rides I have ever experienced. I loved the signs on the back of trucks advising drivers to honk. Our driver couldn’t understand why we kept gasping as he wove through oncoming traffic. 🙂

  3. I could tell right away that it was India. It goes to show you that transportation is a major problem all over the world. Yes the traffic in India is funny if not down right scary. I never saw so many people piled upon a motor cycle or in those three wheeled vehicles. But they do manage to get around.

  4. lol…have you seen the blog Tales Along the Way? Anne is an aficionado of India and has many stories to tell. She teaches and is an amazing story teller of India!

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