6 comments on “Picture of the Day- May 17, 2014

      • which one do you usually take travelling? sorry for all the questions but i am in the market for a new camera especially something i can travel with! (and i love your photos!)

      • Well, the reason I started to move toward the mirror-less camera because the traditional good optics are very heavy. Last year I injured my shoulder, but didn’t quit taking my macro and telephoto lenses everywhere: it’s a struggle. I tried out the Olympus OM-D for a couple of weeks and didn’t like to feel of the digital viewfinder. It was difficult to adjust, and I simply returned the equipment. I continued to work with my Canon, and later on I examined the pictures I took with Olympus. Well, I decided to give it a second chance, work more to learn about all specifications of the camera, and I realized that during the travel from now on I will take Olympus. My camera bag is 3 times lighter now:)
        However, I enjoyed the prime lenses of Olympus M. Zuiko. I wouldn’t recommend to spend money on the their lenses under $400.

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