8 comments on “New York across the Hudson River.

  1. All the shots are fine studies of verticals and horizontals, Natalia, and I also like the contrasting curves and the sailboat imparting a sense of movement.

  2. Hi Natalia,
    Just looking at the New York skyline made me think of how old it has become. I just got a travel brochure about Malaysia and the skyline of Kuala Lumpur is breath taking. Maybe it was the lighting that made things look so spectacular. What do you think? I know New York has a history and there is much to love but what about a little more make up or glitz?

    • I think the beauty in the New York skyline that it’s recognizable and iconic. There is plenty of fast developing cities around the World with different skylines, but they have to be introduced. I’ve seen a lot of new cities with unique skyscrapers, architecturally, they are awesome, historically,..they need to gain the history to become the landmarks.

  3. Actually just went there for my first time recently, its amazing! Should actually be writing a post about it in the near future as well

  4. Hi, I am Danyealah and I am a young writer/blogger/poet. I was born and raised in New Jersey (I know, nothing compared to the grand City), but I still appreciate the culture, variety, and beauty of New York City. Great photographs!

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