7 comments on “Morocco. People.

  1. Your photographs are stunning. What colourful characters you have captured! I love to think that when we return from travels and go back to the daily grind, the characters in our photos continue to go about their daily lives in the place we’ve left.

  2. Do you usually ask for permission to photograph or just do it? I experienced the same kind of curiosity while traveling but I always felt guilty for making the locals a tourist attraction. What do you think? Thanks!

    • It is always depends on a situation and the country: Indians and Chinese are happy to be photographed, and run after you to take a picture with you as well, Peruvians and Moroccan simply asking for money or a small gift. I take a lot of street photography on my travels, and some characters are appear there, sometimes it’s a shot through the bus or a car window: obviously no permission was given. I think, in any case, the photographers will be criticized or judged. I noticed here, most of my viewers even don’t raise an ethical question on the portraits of Europeans or Americans:)

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