7 comments on “People on the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal-2

  1. So much beauty. I love the unexpected pops of colour; that beautiful blue door, the clothes on the line, the pile of earthy spices, that woman’s purple purse, the red roses. These photos are overwhelming…I can only imagine how overwhelmed you must have felt actually being there in the flesh! Thanks for sharing, you’ve made my morning!

  2. Natalia these are beautiful you’ve really captured the emotion of these people xo Thank you for sharing and I would love to see the outcome of the collaboration that’s sounds awesome!

  3. Natalie! These are stunning! I would love to do some watercolor texture and color studies of fragments of your photos, would you consider a collaboration of this? I would love your input and review, comments of these . ( not for sale purposes or commercial use) but as a study of cross technological platforms of creaticites? Your work would be credited as inspiration and core source if content derivatives.. Please let me know your thoughts…. And beautiful works!! Thanks for this awesome feed of delight and inspirations!!

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