13 comments on “Peru. Landscapes on the Road to Sacred Valley

    • I loved it in Puno by lake Titikaka, besides most famous touristy places. Peruvian jungle is also very interrsting if you are into some hiking, and biking. Try to stay though the Easter week too, it is spectacular in Peru, in small towns with all those parades. Visit salt mining site- that looked like something out of reality too. Great country with an interesting ( not globalized) culture. Learn and enjoy your stay! Be safe.

  1. i traveled an flew round in peru a few years back in march an april was so very awesome yes indeed, like souther california weather an amazing adventures, be safe an stay safe,happy travels love an light 2 u frum Q 😎 had to comment cuz bringz back great memories of how awesome a place peru is 🙂 take care over an our frum Q an a prosperous new years 2 u also 🙂

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