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Hello to All,

Just recently I realized I have more than 150 GB of my pictures on all my computers. That is a lot to embrace, a lot to edit, and a lot to keep a track of. To prove to myself I am not an e-hoarder I needed to let the majority of them go, some to keep, and some to share. In a way, writing this blog is helping me to do the major “closet cleaning”. I have to admit that the part of taking pictures is the most exciting one, editing is OK too, but who has all the patience to keep the butt down on the chair and keep the eye young and fresh while staring on the computer screen for hours? Well, I am taking upon a huge challenge to stay focused and organized, be critical and kind to my own mistakes, be creative and flexible. I surely do have fun creating my blog.

Please note that all photos on this site are mine, mine and only mine.  If you find my approach in photography interesting to you and you plan to work at a project or get a couple of lessons on colors, textures, viewpoints, and basic photography composition rules, please contact me via e-mail natmaks@gmail.com



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