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Hello to All,

Just recently I realized I have more than 150 GB of my pictures on all my computers. That is a lot to embrace, a lot to edit, and a lot to keep a track of. To prove to myself I am not an e-hoarder I needed to let the majority of them go, some to keep, and some to share. In a way, writing this blog is helping me to do the major “closet cleaning”. I have to admit that the part of taking pictures is the most exciting one, editing is OK too, but who has all the patience to keep the butt down on the chair and keep the eye young and fresh while staring on the computer screen for hours? Well, I am taking upon a huge challenge to stay focused and organized, be critical and kind to my own mistakes, be creative and flexible. I surely do have fun creating my blog.

Please note that all photos on this site are mine, mine and only mine.  If you find my approach in photography interesting to you and you plan to work at a project or get a couple of lessons on colors, textures, viewpoints, and basic photography composition rules, please contact me via e-mail natmaks@gmail.com


179 comments on “About Me

  1. Love your page! You, along with many travelers could utilize our new and upcoming app, POI. It’s for the travelers and the locals to post their points of interest!

    I’d like to start a movement. To inspire people to live and see more of the world. POI’s purpose is to create a community and world awareness -where the focus is the world’s point’s of interest. It becomes a shared goal to explore and exploit the world’s POI!

    I’d appreciate to hear your feedback. Let me know if this is something you’d like to updated on – upcoming release and details on the app!

    Let me know your thoughts!

    The POI Movement

  2. Hello, Your blog is new to mew but is pretty wonderful with the array of spectacular photos. One photo really can express a thousand words!

    I am in my twenties and write a blog on news, views, London, culture – The SIgnorina (www.thesignorina.com)

    I hope you have a chance to pop in.

    I have travelled in namely France and Italy where I lived for four months at a time (I am fluent in both languages.)

    ie: http://thesignorina.com/2014/12/14/10-reasons-you-know-you-live-with-an-italian/

    Anyway, lovely to have found you!

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  4. Hi Natalia,

    I always love your ramblings and enjoy your every beautiful pictures. Your blog inspired me to take better pictures every time I travel. So that I can go back home and keep on living in the moments of those pictures, like yours do. Hence I hope it is not too much for you when I nominate you for ‘Very Inspiring Blog Award’ here http://thisisfaa.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/thank-you/

    Keep on writing and sharing those gorgeous pictures 😉

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog. It’s a pleasure to see your wonderful photos. I have a massive collection I am trying to clean up as well, unfortunately I hoard most of it right here in the lappy.

  6. Hey, I’ve only had a chance to check out a small amount of your work I think its really great. Not only because you are a girl travelling India, which is something as a girl I would be too scared to do. Also because your work is fun to read and informative. Kudos, and keep it up!

  7. Love your pictures. Have you considered an external hard drive to store them? Maybe put them all on a disk. I use an external hard drive for my music. It takes a lot of space too.

    • Now I do have all my collections on the external derive. Currently, I am working at editing and sorting out my collections. It’s a lot. I am tossing out ton of images which I would consider ok a few years ago. Now I have different perspective on them.

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  9. I love seeing through your eyes. I am awarding you the Inner Peace and Sunshine Award for the inspiring quality of your work. I realize that it is a tremendous amount of work to accept this award and of course do understand if you do not have the time to do so!
    Congratulations! Keep up the good work. I enjoy your work immensely! Thank you for helping to provide me with pure sunshine and inner peace!

    Please refer to the following for instructions:


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