Initially, I dedicated this blog to my travel photography, however as time was passing by I realized that all my interests in life are connected, interchangeable and overlapping. My major in school was Textile Design for a reason: I always was hunting for colors and textures, for new patterns and unique folk designs. I think these interests got projected onto my photography. Photography gave me the opportunity to capture and later on analyze much wider variety of designs and form representations. I found a lot of inspiration in the designs I collected around the word and I try to implement them in my original artwork. I’ll be happy if some of you will find the connections or make your own.

If you would like to purchase an image for a wallpaper, publishing, or have the intention to decorate your interiors with some of my images , please contact me via e-mail, and I gladly assist you.

Here is my album “Burst and Bloom Flowers”:





21 comments on “Art

  1. WHy’d you get rid of you fine arts america account? Your art is beautiful and very interesting, it’s the sort of thing you could occupy a guest with for hours just by hanging it on a noticeable wall.

  2. I love this sort of art, brilliant! And thanks for liking my post, good to see your work. Love the photos of the UK – almost makes me homesick, but then I remember the weather and the cost of living, and remember how much I like living in North Cyprus!

  3. How could we live without Art Nouveau, yours and theirs!
    Can see the connections between the lacy architectural details from Chester and your fab Rennie McIntoshesque flower designs. Thanks for following me and congratulations on your site.

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