Passion for Life. Passion for Photography

I came into the photography fields from the arts and I treat my photo camera as a great new artistic tool. Photo possibilities are endless. Every day, I find something new in this world through my lenses, I learn about it and myself as well, and that what excites me, that what drives me and gives me air to breath and ideas to process.


63 comments on “Passion for Life. Passion for Photography

  1. Your body of work is both impressive and beautiful! Great to be able to share your journey!

  2. I came home today exhausted and saw your like then opened your site and was awakened and energized by the color in your compilation of photographs documenting the worlds diversity.

  3. Beautiful red berries, they look stunning against the orange blur background. I love flollowing your blog and seeing all your wonderful photography. Thank you so much for liking my post ‘Learning to Draw Snowdrops’ 🙂

  4. Hi Natalia – your use of colour and texture is really inspirational. I love the passion and sense of life in your work. I’m travelling later this week and looking forward to keep an eye out for the small details! PS, I really appreciate the ‘like’ on my blog.

  5. Endless…yes! The ways to express ourselves in a creative fashion are endless and just when I think I ran out of ideas…I see your blog. Well done! Thanks for following.

  6. I wish that I could see your photographs, however being blind I can not. I have always wanted to visit Morocco and hope to do so one day. If you are wondering how I use a PC being blind I use Jaws which is software which converts text into speech and braille. The very best of luck with your blog.

    • Recently I herd on NPR about all new technology aids for people with special needs. Software designers are creating now apps every day. It looks like you need to keep up with technology and update yourself with new gadgets. I think you might find Morocco interesting through the scents: flowers, plants, food, and all those different spice combination. Morocco is a festivity for all senses.

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    • Hi Natalie, thank you so much for liking my post on which enabled me to find your lovely site. I absolutely love your motto of being a passionate observer collecting moments. That’s exactly why I started my own site, to encourage people to notice the details around them so they don’t miss the moments. I’m going to really enjoy following your photos from my bungalow in Australia x

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