Passion for Life. Passion for Photography

I came into the photography fields from the arts and I treat my photo camera as a great new artistic tool. Photo possibilities are endless. Every day, I find something new in this world through my lenses, I learn about it and myself as well, and that what excites me, that what drives me and gives me air to breath and ideas to process.



63 comments on “Passion for Life. Passion for Photography

  1. I really wanted to see a couple of these photos close-up but when I clicked on the fine art america link it said ‘This artist account has been closed.’ I take it you weren’t very impressed by their ‘service’. Now I’m wondering if you have tried other places with more success or if you are taking the route of selling through local outlets? And do you have any posts on the subject?

    • Well, I sell the most of my prints locally. The old traditional way still works. Also, I started to contribute to the stock photography sites: it’s a lot of routine work, not a lot of money, but they coming my way regularly:)

  2. Hey, love your photographs! They’re pretty awesome 😀 I also love to capture and enjoy happy moments in life so I might follow your foot steps and post my photos too 🙂 Hope to see more!!! 😛

  3. Love everything you said here. I started taking photos as a means of developing mindfulness as part of my meditation practice. You can’t be in any other moment than the Now when taking a picture. And everything seems to expand by that very act of suddenly looking very intently at the world.

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