12 comments on “India. Along the Road.

  1. Nicely done..Reviewing your pictures it almost made me feel like I’ve been there. I only know India from the impression that many Americans have of it being a very spiritually aware people. It always struck me as strange that if that was so, why they are so attached to castes… having been there, did you get that impression too?

    • Honestly, it’s a big question, and not only for The american tourists but for the Indian society too. The caste system is the reason what keeping this
      country behind. India is growing economically but not socially. I had the opportunity to talk to different Indians -Brahmins( for most of the time, because they could speak English), and they are hesitate to talk about it openly. They try to say that the modern world had the impact on castes, and they observe some mix, and some people becoming successful from shudras, but it is so little number of them, that its hard to believe in it.

  2. Squalor and colour; humans and other animals; such is the mix of life. Thank you for capturing the essence of another culture, though not the sounds – nor the smells. There is much to be said for travelling; even more for returning home.

  3. It is amazing that more of them aren’t sick with that much refuse just lying everywhere! It reminds me of parts of Mexico. There are separate dumps but there are whole communities of people that live at and in them. Some in boxes, some in crates, and some in old cars.

    • Very much, indeed. And people have different priorities. Endless dirt is very disappointing. I never thought so much of our own environment as at the time I was in India. Look carefully at the first shot: a little girl just cleaned her house probably, and brought the trash to the city public dump.

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