8 comments on “Sand and Water. Collection of Textures.

  1. In love with this. The textures are wonderful, but what REALLY caught me was the metallic hue they have. So beautiful.

  2. Amazing photos. The texture and light in the first image is completely stunning. The last photo might be my favorite. I love the ripples that you captured on the water.

  3. I too am fascinated by the strange world that exists between sand and water, but like the above poster, have never been able to manage photos that capture it quite as well as yours have.

    Amazing…gorgeous…please never stop taking pictures!

  4. Stunning patterns. I was once asked to present a challenge for water-colour artists, I suggested they try to paint the pattern of rills in the sand of a beach. They were uniformly dreadful – your photos capture the texture beautifully! Tony

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